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Doctor's Desk

Pricing Chart 

Initial Weight Loss Treatment Consultation 


Monthly Follow-up to Weight Loss treatment


Sick Visit


Sick Visit (with Diagnostic Test)


Medication Refill* 


Diabetes Screening with Management


Ear Wax Removal/Lavage 


Blood Pressure Management (Initial Visit)


Blood Pressure Management (Follow Up)


Cholesterol Screening with Management (Initial Visit)


Cholesterol Screening with Management (Follow Up)


COVID-19 (Rapid Test)


Tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD)


DOT Physical / CDL Physical

Basic Physical/Return To Work  

School Physical (Sports Participation) 




Blood Pressure Management Program:

  • Initial visit: Comprehensive evaluation and assessment of blood pressure and risk factors, with a personalized plan of care and medication regimen if necessary.

  • 1-month follow-up: Medication adjustment as needed and review of progress and compliance.

  • 3-month follow-up: Re-assessment of blood pressure and confirmation that the regimen is working effectively.

  • 6-month follow-up: Review of progress and any necessary adjustments to the care plan, continuing every 6 months as needed.


Diabetes Management Program:

  • Every 3-month follow-up: Re-evaluation of HgA1c levels and medication adjustment as needed, regular check-ins for monitoring and management.


Cholesterol Management:

  • Yearly evaluation, or more frequent checks as needed or requested by the patient.


Sick Visits:

  • Sick visit with test: $125. Visits that require diagnostic testing (Strep, Flu, COVID, UTI)

  • Sick visit without test: $99. Visits for conditions such as ear infections, pink eye, allergies, bronchitis/cough, asthma, rash, stomach upset, suture removal, STD testing and treatment, and gout.


Medication Refill:

  • Our clinic does not refill controlled substances and any other medication that has been expired or discontinued by the manufacturer.


Lab Tests:

  • Optional laboratory testing is available through Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp.

*It's important to note that these are general recommendations, and the healthcare professional may adjust the frequency of the visits according to the patient

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