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Urgent Sick Visit

If you're feeling ill & experiencing symptoms schedule the appointment that fits you best.

  • 20 min
  • $99-$125
  • North Las Vegas

Service Description

Minor illnesses or injuries that require prompt attention but will not result in permanent disability or death if not treated immediately are often referred to as "sick visits." These types of medical issues can include ear infections, rashes, stomach complaints, and more. These types of visits are typically less expensive than those that involve diagnostic testing, as the latter require additional resources and expertise to properly diagnose and treat the condition. One common type of sick visit is a "sick visit without test," which can include treatment for ear infections, rashes, and other non-life-threatening conditions. These visits typically cost around $99 and may involve a physical examination and a discussion of the patient's symptoms and medical history. The healthcare provider may also prescribe medication or recommend over-the-counter remedies to help alleviate the symptoms. Another common type of sick visit is a "sick visit with tests," which involves diagnostic testing to determine the cause of the illness or injury. This type of visit may include tests such as a strep test, flu test, COVID-19 test, or a urine test (UTI) to diagnose and treat the condition. These visits can typically cost around $125 and may require additional follow-up appointments or treatment. It is important to note that a sick visit should not be delayed if it has the potential to develop into a more serious condition. Prompt medical attention can help prevent complications and ensure a full recovery. If you are experiencing symptoms that may require medical attention, it is best to consult with a healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Contact Details

  • Sky Health, North Pecos Road, Las Vegas, NV, USA

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